Top Five Home Fragrance Accessories

Top Five Home Fragrance Accessories

If you're as familiar with Amazon Prime as I am (I can't be the ONLY impulse shopper here, right?), then you know that Prime Days are coming up this week: July 12-13th. And if you're following us on Instagram, I'll be sharing some Prime Day deals for home fragrance accessories.

Here are the top FIVE home fragrance accessories you need!

(Some of these are affiliate links, and if you make a purchase using the links, I do receive a small percentage.)

Wick Trimmers

I know, I know. Who even trims their candle wicks anyway? Well, my friend, YOU should be trimming your candle wicks to 1/4" every time you light your candle. Not only does this provide for a cleaner and safer burn, but trimming your wicks will make your candle last longer.

These Wick Trimmers from Amazon are my favorite. They're really inexpensive, and they make a clean, easy cut every time.



Another safe and useful candle tool/accessory is a candle snuffer. When you're ready to extinguish your candle, instead of blowing out the flame, use a candle snuffer to safely put the flame out. This will prevent blowing hot wax all over your surface.

This long handled candle snuffer found on Amazon does the job safely and effectively!


Electronic Lighter

Ok, so this is one of those things that you don't really need but is pretty cool to have: an electronic lighter. These lighters use electricity instead of gas and flame to light your candle. In that sense, they are safer than traditional lighters, and they're rechargable!

I really like this electronic lighter from Amazon because the battery lasts a long time, and it curves to reach any wick.


Wax Warmers (Electric and Plug-in)

Maybe candles aren't your thing, but that doesn't mean you can't bring amazing smells into your space. In addition to candles, we sell wax melts. Wax melts are fragranced squares of wax that when melted fragrance your home similarly to a candle, all without the flame!

In order to melt your wax, you'll need a wax warmer. There are a couple different types, but the ones I really like are electric warmers. For larger spaces, I use a standard size electric warmer. Plug in warmers are my go to choice for smaller spaces like a bathroom.

I love this Alabaster Mini Warmer from Scentsy to use in my bathrooms.

And how cute is this Pineapple Wax Warmer from Amazon?!


While not necessary, these five home fragrance tools/accessories in addition to your favorite seventeen|nineteen candles and melts will help you safely and easily add beautiful fragrance to your space.

Make sure to follow along on Instagram July 12-13 to grab the best Prime Day deals on many of these items, and let me know what you get!

Love and Light,


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