About Us


Hi! I'm Heather, owner and maker at seventeen|nineteen candle co.

If you're anything like me, one of the first places you head when shopping a new business online is the About Us page. You want to know who you're shopping with. If they're a real person or just another faceless corporation. If your values align. I'm happy you're here and would love to share my story with you!

In 2021, as a former elementary teacher turned stay at home mom of two little boys, I wanted to create a set of zodiac candles for a previous business I owned. I did lots of research (I'm one of those that stumbles down rabbit holes, learns all the things, buys all the supplies - you know the type), purchased the basics, and poured my first candle (Aries) during naptime one February afternoon.

Immediately I knew I wanted to do more of this. The methodical process of hand pouring candles gave such balance to the busyness and chaos that is so often a part of motherhood. It allowed me to get lost in something other than messy floors, toddler meltdowns, and wondering when I had last washed my hair.

My husband came home from work that day, and I jokingly (but also testing the waters) told him, "I think I'm going to start a candle business." And the rest is history.

I started off pretty cautious, making choices I thought no one would be put off by - candle scents, brand colors, etc. Like most people, I don't do well with rejection, so I wanted to appeal to everyone. But in doing so, it felt like I was always missing something in my business.

In the fall of 2022, as seventeen|nineteen turned one, I took my first big (financially-tied) risk when I decided to switch to our current candle vessels. The rocks glasses we use now were ones I had always wanted to pour my candles in; however, they cost more than my original vessels, which made me nervous. But I loved the idea of having a candle vessel that could be repurposed once the candle was gone.

It was also that fall that I was planning our 2023 seasonal collections. They all happened to be drink/celebration related (Garden Party for spring, Boos + Brews for fall, and Holiday Party for winter). One rare date night in January 2023, I told my husband (he's gotten used to being blindsided by my big ideas over the past decade) I was thinking about rebranding seventeen|nineteen to offering only drink inspired candles. All throughout dinner and our walk through Target afterward (date nights get real wild when you have kids), we talked about what that would look like.

And that's how we got here - offering drink inspired candles hand poured into reusable cocktail vessels. I threw all caution to the wind, choosing to go all in on the drink inspired candles and moodier brand colors. I know what we offer here at seventeen|nineteen candle co won't be for everyone, but for the people our products are for, I hope you love them.

Thank you for shopping with us, sharing us with your friends, and for being a part of my story.